How To Co-Parent Successfully

How To Co-Parent Successfully

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Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on the secret to co-parenting successfully. People seem to be more frustrated and tired of all the “Baby-mama/ Baby-daddy drama”.  Following these simple steps will help you keep the main thing the main thing.  Here are the three steps that I practice:


#1~Keep Focused  

★ Be brief, to the point, and stay focused on your child.

★ Stay focused on present or future events. Don’t bring up past problems or situations.

★ Be positive and use a business-like tone. Remember the reason for your communication: You are passing on information to the other parent.


#2 ~Keep Calm

★ Don’t jump to conclusions or over-react.

★ Don’t write in all capital letters to make a point. This can give the impression you’re angry.

★ Don’t criticize, blame, or accuse the other parent. If some of your sentences begin with “You always” or “You never,” you have slipped into a blaming or angry tone about the other parent. You need to switch your focus back to your child.

★ Don’t make rude, mean or sarcastic comments about the other parent.

★ Don’t make demands.

★ Don’t use profanity.


#3~Remain Cooperative

★ Be respectful and courteous

★ Don’t criticize, blame, or accuse the other parent.

★ Try to get along, peacefully.

Leave a comment are share some feedback on what makes co-parenting difficult for you?