Counseling Center

We offer individual, couples, family, and group counseling to those requesting support. We believe family involvement and assistance is an integral part of treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. After all, the greatest successes in treatment often occur when all family members recognize their role related to the presenting problem and are open to active participation in the healing and growing process. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Premarital Counseling: Preparing for marriage
  • Conflict Issues: Managing conflicts in the family
  • Interpersonal Relationship Issues: Developing good communication skills
  • Identity Issues: Learning the difference between identity and roles we fill in life
  • Family Systems: Learning proper coping skills in family relationships

Our counseling center is staffed by trained professional and (lay) non-professional counselors who are skilled and ready to listen. Each counselor has been through an intensive training program with a licensed professional counselor and receives ongoing training. In addition, counselors will go through an application, background check and interview process. Our counselors meet with clients in a private, comfortable and safe environment to provide encouragement, direction and support to the men, women and couples, married or otherwise, of the metro-east community-at-large.




Addresses the pressing issues such as nutrition, housing, clothing and health care that
prevent individuals from fully engaging in life- changing opportunities that impact their wellbeing. We believe that if basic needs are addressed first, it removes barriers, which allows individuals to see past their current situation. Our services have assisted over 2,000 individuals and families annually. These services are:

  • Preventive and Wellness Medical Checks and Seminars
  • Food Giveaway
  • Christmas Toys Giveaway
  • Housing Assistance Expungement Information
  • Budgeting Class with Active Spending Plans

Addiction Recovery Program

We are currently offering a 12-step process called Celebrate Recovery that started in October 2009. This recovery program is forward-looking. Rather than wallowing in the past, or dredging up and rehearsing painful memories over and over, Celebrate Recovery focuses on the future. Regardless of what has already happened, the solution is to start making wise choices. This recovery program emphasizes personal responsibility, instead of playing the "accuse and excuse" game of victimization. This program helps people face up to their own poor choices and deal with what they can do something about. The groups meet at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm weekly in specific small groups depending on their needs. Those needs currently cover chemically and codependent men and women. Codependency covers: compliance patterns, enabling, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.