Do you recall the last time you were mad at someone? So much time as he was shaken physically by their thought? Rarely this feeling of anger helps us to achieve what we want. Often this will lead us against us, which will cause more pain, unnecessarily.

Even the most agreeable characters can temporarily transform themselves into an old rogue if enough is enough.

Anger does not feel very well. It's pretty crude. Our stomach is tight; we have sweat, we react - instead of acting - in survival mode. And anger covers our judgment which makes us act uncontrollably by emotion. We were all there. Sometimes it can be so intense that we tremble with passion when we feel a strong hatred against other people. And when we cool down, we wonder how we allow ourselves to enter such a messy state in the first place.

Emotion is the response of our body to a thought, which can be triggered by an external situation. But this situation is perceived from the perspective of our interpretation. Unique mental concepts color our goal for each of us; The thoughts are good and bad, mine and yours, how and unpleasant, right and wrong. Keep in mind that we all have different lenses, so conflicts of interpretation are inevitable.

Four ways to overcome anger

1. Search

The quickest way to change negative feelings is to change our physical position immediately. The easiest way to physically change is to change our position. When we are in a bad state, we are probably looking down. Suddenly, looking upward (in our visual plane) will disrupt the negative patterns of sinking into the quick sand of bad feelings.

Any sudden physical changes will do the trick:

• Get up and stretch while releasing an audible sigh.

• Exaggerate and modify your facial expressions.

• Walk to a window where there is sunlight.

• Make ten jumps.

• Make a ridiculous dance that will entertain you.

• Massage the back of the neck with one hand while making a happy birthday.

2. Find the Light

Darkness can only be eliminated if there is light (such as a lamp or sunlight). Similarly, negative things can only be replaced by positive things. Remember that regardless of what happens to us outside, or what things are bad in our minds, we always have the option of talking and seeing things positively.

3. Laugh!

We cannot laugh and be angry at the same time. When we make the necessary physical movement to laugh or smile, we instantly feel with a light and joyful heart.

List a number of films that make you laugh and keep them at home. Or meet a humorous friend who can really make you laugh.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a formation for the mind; to calm the noise in our mental space, diminish our accounting, extract inner wisdom and above all helps us to recognize and remain anchored in our divine state.

Regardless of what happens outside of us, we have the ability to stay centered, in a state of acceptance, flow, peace, and love. When we are in this condition, we are rational and have the clarity we need to deal with any situation with grace and minimal stimulation in our body.